All Natural Real Cajun Sausage

Boudin Sausage


If ya know, ya know!! This creation is truly a taste treat to the highest degree. We created ours for all those displaced Louisiana folks who just can’t find the real thing wherever they live now. It’s quite the process to make, but here’s the short version. We braise the Boston butts in a giant cast iron pot with a veggie and herb broth. That creates an out of this world pork stock. When the pork and veggies are removed and ground, we boil rice in the stock. Then we mix it all together and yep, add more seasoning. Then it’s cased and smoked. It’s a different texture than the rest of our smoked sausages, but it’s just flat delicious!! Reheated low and slow on your grill or smoker, or our favorite way is to pan fry it whole, get it crisp, break it into pieces and put it on a cracker with some good mustard. Enjoy Y’all!!

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